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Goldendoodles are dogs with golden retriever and poodle genetics that have been bred to increase the gene pool from the purebred breeds and to introduce beneficial qualities into the goldendoodle breed. Golden retrievers have long been known for being mild tempered, intelligent, and loving family pets while poodles have also been known for intelligence, trainability, and non shedding characteristics. Irish setters are well known for being family pets with a love for attention.



Mini Golden Breeding 

Mini Golden Puppies has extensive experience raising both standard and miniature goldendoodles and labradoodles in the first generation and first generation backcross. We have taken further steps to improve our breeding by introducing the Mini Golden Puppies multigen miniature goldendoodle and miniature Irish goldendoodle. Our puppies range in color from light golden to dark red, with miniature Irish goldendoodles keeping the darkest red coloring. We no longer raise standard size doodles or labradoodles.



Our miniature goldendoodles and mini irish goldendoodles range in size from 10-50 lbs. We normally get a 15-20 pound size range within each litter. We consider all our puppies miniature goldendoodles since we use the miniature size poodle in all our goldendoodle types. Our puppies in the 25-50 pound range are considered miniature goldendoodles in the medium size and miniature goldendoodle puppies in the 10-25 pound range are miniature size. Many breeders have different definitions for size and some use the terminology "petite goldendoodles" or "toy goldendoodles", which we don't use. We also don't use the smallest size of poodles, which are correctly called toy poodles (also called teacup or tiny for the smallest toys). Some of our mini irish goldendoodle and mini goldendoodle litters will have a size range that falls within both our classification of miniature and medium sizes, such as a 15-35 pound range. Litters that span both expected size ranges will be referred to by Mini Golden Puppies as mini-medium size.



Mini Golden Philosophy

We concentrate our program on health, intelligence, social temperaments, and teddy bear appearances for our miniature goldendoodles and mini Irish goldendoodles. Puppies come well socialized in our relaxed rural environment and fit in well with families that have children.



Where We Are

We are in Southeast Iowa, close to Burlington. We are about four hours from Chicago and St. Louis, five hours from Omaha, Kansas City, and Indianapolis, and six hours from Minneapolis. We do not offer shipping for puppies. Moline, IL (MLI) is our closest airport that is a little over an hour from us.



How To Purchase

We accept a deposit of $500 to hold a miniature goldendoodle and mini Irish goldendoodle puppy when we have a list opened. Please view the respective pages from our miniature goldendoodles and mini Irish goldendoodles for information on current or planned availability. We don't always have puppies available and spots tend to be reserved quickly when we open a list for deposits.



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